I love that this is my job.

"Marisa, you helped build my confidence, which inspired me to go to the next level. I was thrilled to learn how to do some poses I'd often just watch others do. I particularly admired how you noted different body structures and detailed how to respect and work with these differences. Thank you!" --Kathleen Freis

"Marisa offers the perfect blend of spirituality and athleticism--a soothing voice and a wonderfully sweaty flow! Her sequencing is fun and unique--always full of surprises. But perhaps my favorite part of Marisa's class is the way in which her love of teaching yoga is so apparent. It's obvious that she is where she was meant to be!" --Adrienne Shiffman

"Thank you, Marisa, for an amazing, invigorating, and relaxing weekend. I am still feeling the mellow vibe--all good. You have an incredible ability to describe postures and alignment in a way that I can translate into my body. Plugging in those shoulders--gotta keep working on that. Never have I done so many backbends with no residual back pain--you are amazing!" --Ellen Cox

​"Marisa's class is one of my favorites in the city...She teaches a challenging and sweaty class that is never the same ...Her voice is so soothing and the class is always so fun! Her warm personality and genuine concern for her students is apparent every class" --Lori Budd

"To have such a thoughtful, sensitive teacher that is also a riotous good time is a rare treat!  Her knowledge of anatomy combined with great rhythm makes each class an experience, and makes me feel safe to explore the depths of my practice." --Julia Mannes

"Feedback from the retreat this weekend at Heathen HIll: Just wanted to let you know that Phillip and I had a great time this weekend. My husband has never done yoga (though he is quite strong and fit) and I am really still a beginner. In spite of that, we felt so comfortable and welcome. Marisa is really a wonderful teacher, making the classes challenging and welcoming for all. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend!!" --Margie Vigneri