Practice with me...
...come to class and get lost in the sonorous sea of ujjayi breath, connect with an inspiring community, and find your clarified mind happy to dwell in a sweaty and grateful body.



...or I can come to you, and together, we customize the practice to fit your schedule and your needs. Make peace with your cranky back, steady your over-stimulated mind, or just focus on that missing piece of the puzzle you can't quite find for yourself in a group class setting...​​​​
...or come to a Brand New Beginner workshop if you've never ever done yoga before or got dragged to class once by your well-meaning friend, colleague, or spouse and it was a less than enjoyable experience. Come build a solid foundation alongside other newbies. You'll have the time and space to ask plenty of questions, experiment, and we'll suss out this yoga thing together.​​​​