About Marisa...

In my Basics and Hatha classes, I devote more time to breaking down the postures, exploring the why?s behind the alignment cues, and giving many options for our delightfully varied body structures. 

In my Vinyasa classes, I marry anatomical geekery seamlessly with meditative, metronomic flow. What makes my style stand out is its purposeful sequencing, creative transitions, cleansing pranayama, strong bandha work, and sweating your heart out. Come to class and experience a finely detailed flow with plenty of time and space to find comfort in the sonorous sound of the ujjayi breath.

My current fascination is the interplay between Traditional Chinese Medicine's meridian theories and the asana practice of yoga. I'm about one third of the way through a 5-year Doctor of TCM program at Pacific Rim College, so my studies can't help but seep into my yoga teaching. 

I began teaching yoga in 2006, but in recent years, I completed a 100-hour advanced training in Threes Physiyoga Method, led by physiotherapists/yoga teachers Diana Zotos, Helen O'Neill, and Emily Tomlinson. From their program, I learned to take a physio's approach to assessing movement patterns and retraining the musculoskeletal system, while integrating a familiar skillset to me: a yogic approach to breath as a means to care for the nervous system. This obviously serves my private clients well, but I manage to stealthily slip some therapeutics into my slower-paced group classes and use this knowledge to craft intelligent flows that keep bodies safe in the more vigorous ones. 

In my 500-hour training at Yoga Union for Backcare & Scoliosis, Alison West shared her impeccable instruction in alignment and pranayama. In her rigorous program, I became versed in tradition yet was exposed to constant innovation. It included a certification in teaching on an Iyengar-style rope wall, as well as training in Yoga for Backcare, which I offer in one-on-one sessions.


In 2009, I completed a 75-hour advanced intensive training for seasoned teachers with Schuyler Grant on The Art of Teaching Kula Style Yoga: Or Deconstructing Creative Alignment-based Flow with Intelligence and Precision. In 2012, I assisted her in this training.

After completing my 200-hour training in 2006, I went on to study with Neuromuscular Therapist Susan Hefner at Hunter College's Dance Department. I’ve also attended continuing education workshops with Zach Dacuk, Amy Matthews, Joe Miller, Maty Ezraty, Bobby Clennell, and Sharon Salzburg among others.

Big love and and appreciation goes out to Bend & Bloom teacher, founder, and community mama Amy Quinn-Suplina. I’m forever grateful to Nikki Vilella, Alex Auder, Annie Piper, Schuyler Grant and all of my fellow teachers at Kula Yoga Project.

In 2016, I met the biggest/littlest teacher I've ever had: my daughter. 


I'm grateful to have landed in Victoria, BC, and am excited to start planting roots in the the fertile soil of the yoga community here. Come check out my Saturday class at Fernwood Yoga Den