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Hi, I’m Marisa… yoga nerd, friend of fascia, acupuncture student, mom. Some of you in NYC already know me as a teacher of Kula Flow, in which nerdy instruction and juicy flow are not mutually exclusive. I went off the yoga radar for a few years to have a kid and trade my leggings for a lab coat as I embarked on studying Chinese Medicine in British Columbia. Since then, my perspectives on movement have shifted in subtle ways.

I’ve been teaching for 15 years, a decade of which was spent at both Kula Yoga Project and Bend & Bloom, as well as teaching private clients all over NYC. The trainings which have influenced me the most are:

• Yoga Union’s 500-hr level with Alison West, including Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis
• Kula Yoga Project’s Advanced 75-hr Intensive with Schuyler Grant
• Threes Physiyoga Method’s 100-hr Advanced Training with Diana Zotos
• Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) at Pacific Rim College (in progress)

• Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRC ms) certification

What fascinates me these days is exploring the overlaps between myofascial maps of western anatomy and the Chinese meridian system. This adds a new dimension to my teaching: asana sequencing inspired by how muscles and connective tissue affect organ systems with reference to the elements that represent those systems, and ultimately, how this is reflected in the Shen, aka Heart-Mind.

I currently live on Vancouver Island. When I’m not teaching, studying, or treating patients in my college’s acupuncture clinic, I’m usually exploring tide pools with my daughter.

To get yoga the seat at the table that it deserves, yoga teachers need to learn the language of anatomy. If yoga people are just talking about energy and how everything is connected, then they really won’t get a seat at the table, because anatomy is the language that everybody speaks. And I’m talking about bringing orthopedists and physiotherapists and athletic trainers and yoga people and body workers all to the same table and developing something that is very strong and very powerful.

-Tom Myers

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Weekly live-streamed class

Wednesdays 9:30amPT (12:30pmET)

Playback available for 1 week after the live class.


Threes Physiyoga Method

classes on demand

launching late April!

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Work with me privately over Zoom for a personalized practice.

I have over a decade of experience with athletes and dancers recovering from injuries, people living with chronic illness or physical limitations, and a wide range of other needs.

On-demand and customized just for you!

We work together on Zoom to tailor a practice to your needs. Afterwards, I send you a video that you can stream or download to create a consistent practice. 



Victoria, BC, Canada

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